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10 August 2017

As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I recently made a workout video for FitDutchies Premium. If I go to the gym, this usually has another function for me than for the most of you. The strength training I do is adjusted to handball, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot do the same! The workout video above gives a short impression of a few exercises and you can easily do it in your gym: I always start with a short warming-up. To be honest, I really hate them… You can get yourself warmed up by doing some rowing, biking, running or going on the crosstrainer. Or you could be creative and start with somewhat more endurance based strength exercises with your own bodyweight such as the burped, mountain climbers, fast ab exercises or pushups.

Exercises from the workout video!

  1. Ladders; yay footwork. I like to do this. Try to do it as quick as possible, but also stay in control of your movements. Vary with 1 or 2 feet per ladder, from front to back of sidewards! Do each exercise four times and start with you other foot each time. Also use your hands.
  2. Abs; my physiotherapist gets the credits for this great exercise. Try to do him 4x 10 times and getting sore abs is guaranteed.
  3. Bosu ball balance; balance exercise. Go stand on one leg on a bosu ball. You can make it more difficult by putting the ball on the other side. Swing with a weight around your head. Try to do this one 4x 10 as well.
  4. Box jump; jumping strength. Of course you have to jump high with handball. We train our jumping strength by coming down from a step up and jump back up immediately. Make it harder for yourself by using a higher box. Also do this one 4x 10.
  5. Pull ups; arm strength. Work your arm muscles by doing this practice with your own bodyweight. It’s difficult so you can start with a rubber band underneath your knees or feet. Can you do this one 4x 5 times completely? Good job!
  6. Handball throw; shot power. You will also need a hard shot at handball! But of course you can also do this exercise when you don’t play handball to strengthen the power indoor arms. Try to throw as quick as possible and then slow down when getting your arm back into the starting position. 4x 10 each arm!
  7. Bench press; arm power. And another good one for your arms, who doesn’t know this one. A possible variation is doing the bench press with 1 arm instead of 2. Try to watch your technique and balance, because this one is somewhat harder. 4x 10 repetitions or 4x 5 each arm.


Are you going to try it out the exercises of my workout video? Let me know!


Love, Nathalie

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