Woodwatch AURORA collectie

11 juli 2018

Woodwatch AURORA collectie

My Woodwatch

Some time ago I received a new watch from Woodwatch. They released a new collection, the AURORA collection and I love it. As you guys know I live in Norway and this collection was specifically inspired by Scandinavia which got my attention immediately.

The package in which I got the watch was super nice. As you can see it included a big wooden box with my watch, another box with an accessory, a box with a cool wooden wallet and a letter (which was made out of seeds so you could plant your own tree).

I love the design. It is simple yet elegant and the accessories fit perfectly with it. So that is exactly how I wore my watch; with my bracelet and my WoodWallet. Nice details of the package were the engraved box and the engraved back of my watch! Such cute texts!

I took my new watch proudly with me to Greece to make photos and showed it around.

What do you think about it? If you’d like to order one, make sure you use my code ‘engravingnathalie’ to get a free engraving worth 19 EUR!




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