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Unlucky start

4 september 2017

Unlucky start


At this moment I am sitting with my foot up on a pillow and an ice-pack around my ankle on the couch. Yep, it’s that time again, but how’d it came so far this time?

The official matches of this season has FINALLY started last Tuesday! I looked forward to this so much. Different opponents, another competition and another play. A new start in another country! I got to make my first ‘official’ minutes on Tuesday. Unfortunately this went wrong really quickly when an innocent bumping into an opponent resulted in a very painful basin (in latin: pelvis), I couldn’t even run any further. My first match ended quick, but I was getting prepared to play the match against Molde last Sunday. I thought (and still think) that the pain just comes from some bruises. After I tried to train on Friday I unfortunately found out that the match of Sunday was no option for me. Luckily I could still hop on the plane to yell the girls towards success!


Flying to a match? Well there had been some European matches where it was necessary, but not in the Dutch competition! Because of the size of Norway, we hopped on the plane to Molde at Saturday afternoon. After a short, but breathtaking flight (mountains with snow!), we arrived at our destination. What a great experience! We ate dinner together and went to bed early. Getting ready for the first real competition match! On Sunday we’d spent some time together with meetings, walks and eating before we went to the sports hall. To do as much as possible together with the girls, I ran with them before the match. Before every match we always run a small round outside to get warmed up. Unfortunately this round was very short for me because I stepped on the side of the pavement and twisted my ankle…. Grrrr those damn ankles of mine (thanks dad, for the good genes)!

To make it even worse, we lost our first match (in a full sports hall in Molde) and it wasn’t necessary. It means we’re going to train even harder, because next weekend we will have our first home match against Larvik! Ready to fight on our own territory! My ankle was thick, but more or less because of the flight home and my anklets got a hard smack. However I woke up today with less pain then expected, I get good treatment from the physio and I have awesome, sweet and helpful teammates so I’ll be back on the field very soon. Fit for 100%!

A real unlucky week for me. But every cloud has a silver lining, right?


Nathalie (and my currently sausage-foot)


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