Time to dress up for Halloween

14 October 2018

Time to dress up for Halloween

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Halloween! One of my favorite holidays because I am allowed to dress up! And who doesn’t like a little costume party? My only dilemma for this holiday is what costume I should wear! I love to go all in for these kind of dress-up parties but I can never choose what kind of outfit I should have on this year.

The sugar skull is something I have been a fan of for some years but I never dare to try on all the make-up. It seems so hard to paint all those small details on my face and make it look pretty at the same time. Recently I found a good solution for that so I don’t have to put so much effort in my make-up and can still look like a sugar skull!

At Partyking they have all kinds of masks, just search for ‘Day of the Dead’ or ‘Sugar Skull’ and you will find loads of items to make your sugar skull outfit complete! Instead of using a lot of make-up and probably messing that up, I will go for one of the Day of the Dead (half) masks they have and one of the Day of the Dead dresses. They are gorgeous! To finish my outfit I will add some of the accessories like ear rings and a choker.

Honestly when I was searching for the items I wanted I doubted a lot between all those other outfits.. So I already cannot wait for carnaval or any other opportunity to dress up and wear a costume! Do not forget to check out if you are looking for an original Halloween (or other costume party) outfit! They have so many items so you will probably not leave without shopping.

What is your favorite Halloween costume?




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