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The Norwegian competition after two months

21 October 2017

The Norwegian competition after two months

It’s been a long time!

Haven’t heard from me in a while huh? Sorry! The last weeks were quite busy and I put my focus on handball for 100%! I hope to put some more effort in my website for the time coming. I have enough ideas though! 🙂 Underneath you will get a short update about how the Norwegian competition is going for us so far!


Moved to the Norwegian competition

Weet je het nog? Vanwege mijn sport, handbal, ben ik verhuisd naar Noorwegen om me zo helemaal hiervoor in te kunnen zetten! Ik heb mijn familie, werk, vrienden, vriend en oude club achtergelaten voor een nieuw avontuur in een nieuw land! Tot nu toe; absoluut nog geen spijt van deze keuze! Misschien heb je in mijn vorige update vanuit het Noorden, inmiddels alweer van een maand geleden, gelezen dat ik na mijn enkelblessure eindelijk weer klaar was om het veld op te gaan! Nu ben ik alweer een aantal weken verder en zal ik ook eens een update geven over onze Noorse competitie hier.

Let’s go for victory

Our first matches we were definitely not on our strongest and (I think) it wasn’t necessary to lose the first matches. A lot of girls are new in the team and of course it takes some time for everyone to get adjusted! We needed a good victory to gain some (self) confidence. With a good feeling and courage we took off with the plane to Sola a few weeks ago and we (Gjerpen HK Skien) finally played a great match. We went home with two points and a score of 20-28 against amongst others, the Norwegian team left wing Camilla Herrem! I guess a lot of people were kind of surprised to see we took the points and this great score! Apparently we needed this one victory in the Norwegian competition because more victories followed! First our home match against Oppsal and after that a wat match against Glassverket (last Wednesday). We finally gained the trust we needed, yay!

Keep up the good work

We are currently preparing for our next match in the Norwegian competition. Coming Wednesday the 25th of October, we will play against Vipers Kristiansand. A potential winner of the Norwegian competition. Maybe they will be extremely exhausted from their match this Sunday against SG BBM Bietigheim, however, lets hope so. 🙂 I think it will be quite important to have a good feeling after that match. The result will count less. We played a good match twice against Vipers Kristiansand in the pre season and we will again do our best to step off the field with a good feeling. By the way, the match is just like all other matches, live at so stay tuned!

I hope to be in touch soon again!



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