The Maldivian Dream; our holiday at the Maldives

10 August 2017

Preparations for the Maldivian dream

At the end of June it was finally time to go. The travel to which Dave (aka the boyfriend) and I were looking forward to; FINALLY we would experience the Maldivian dream! We’ve booked a trip to Thulhagiri Island Resort, an island close to the capital Male, for 9 days. Like every year I told myself to take as little stuff as possible but this year I knew I could leave some things home for sure: long jeans/pants, my heels and long-sleeved clothing. If you’d rather see the video instead of reading the text, click here!


Reef Sharks and a Stingray on the first day

We flew from Amsterdam, via Dubai, to Male. From Male we went by speedboat to our own island! And believe me, this is way better than being brought to the final destination by bus ! 🙂 After a short intro by the owner of the resort we were accompanied to our own WATERvilla and the Maldivian dream could start! If you have a trip to the Maldives in mind, I recommend you’d take a watervilla. Nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunrise and sunset from your own balcony. Besides that, Dave called me early the first morning to come outside because there were at least ten reef sharks and a huge stingray swimming underneath our villa! WOW!

Thulhagiri Island Resort

The Thulhagiri Island Resort is a good stay. We’ve chosen for half pension instead of all inclusive so we could take the à la carte menu instead of the buffet for lunch and it was also much cheaper than all inclusive (oh and don’t expect too much from the à la carte menu). The breakfast en dinner were also fine, but after a week I’ve seen it all. The island itself was beautiful and even if the weather changes in a ‘bad’ way, it’s a great experience. The storm comes out of nothing and you can see it some minutes before at the horizon! On Thulhagiri there is a beautiful long, white beach where, with a bit of luck, you sometimes see a young reef shark swimming by. Don’t worry! Even the grown sharks don’t do anything and they are more afraid of you! On the whole island it is sometimes so quiet that you might be wondering where all those people are coming from at breakfast and dinner. Also the resort organizes different activities. We took the dolphin experience during sunrise and we saw hundreds and we also went with the boat for a ‘primitive kind’ of fishing.






DO: go diving

Before the Maldivian dream started, we’ve finished our PADI theory from the diving course so we could do all practice and exams on the Maldives. I’d recommend this so much! On Curaçao we’ve done two try-out dives, but we’ve also seen so many beautiful things on the Maldives. We’ve spotted many turtles, reef sharks, anemone fish (YES, those from Finding Nemo!), huge lobsters, snails and different kinds of (sting)rays. The course took approximately 4,5 days and it was absolutely worth it! At the end we did a dive where we went looking for manta rays but unfortunately they weren’t at the spot they normally were. But what we got in return were two extremely curious turtles who constantly swam around us and kept bumping into us. The underwater world is breathtaking for sure and if you guys have some tips for beautiful diving sports, please share them! Also the videos of the diving will appear soon.

Getting bored? No way!

Do you have problems (just like Dave) with doing nothing and are you afraid you’d get bored on a ‘inhibited’ island? No problem, because there’s enough to do! Here some tips:

  • Go diving! Even if you don’t want to do a whole course, take one or some try-out lesson(s)!
  • Afraid to dive? Take a good snorkeling set or rent one and explore the underwater world from above. You are going to be amazed!
  • Watch the activities program of the resort and subscribe to them. All resorts on the Maldives organise daily trips like spotting dolphins, fishing or a day trip to the capital Male.
  • Be sporty: go train on the beach or take a ball or beachtennis set with you! Go work it!
  • Don’t forget your camera! Despite the small island, there’s enough to photograph. The sunrise and sunset, the different animals and the beautiful surroundings! Or make some Instagram-worthy pictures!

I’d absolutely recommend the Maldives! If you might have some questions and/or notes; let me know! I’d love to hear what you think about the Maldivian dream!

Love and see you soon, Nathalie

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