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The importance of some extra vitamins during the winter

30 December 2018

The importance of some extra vitamins during the winter

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The winter is a period where most people are a little more often sick and sometimes they feel a bit more ‘down’. It is cold outside and the amount of sunshine can be very little. This means it is also a period to take some extra care of yourself and your health. Good nutrition and some (extra) vitamins and minerals can help you with this!

Help your body

Of course you cannot expect miracles. The chance will be there that you might catch a cold, get sick or feel a little less happy during this winter. What you can go is trying to minimize this probability and help your body a little bit by giving it some extra help. A good way to do so is by taking some extra vitamins and minerals besides those you get in your normal meals.

What do vitamins and minerals do?

There are 13 different vitamins and 16 essential minerals which all do something else for the body. For example they help you resist infections, keep your bones strong or help your digestion. Different people of different ages and stages in their lives need different amounts of minerals and vitamins. The need can differ for pregnant women, older people, children or just per individual. Minerals and vitamins are essential for your body to work properly and a lack of them can for example result in sickness.

Be balanced

As said, a lack of vitamins and minerals can result in sickness, but too much of something can be bad too. Don’t over-consume certain products or supplements. Get informed by a doctor or specialist to find out what your specific needs are, eat healthy and balanced and consider some supplements (but not too much of anything).

How I get my extra winter boost

A good way to make sure you will get some necessary vitamins and minerals is to start with the FitLine Basics, activize and maybe the restorate. I always start the day with a combination of the Basics and the Activize.  The basics also contain fibers. Fibers make sure that sugars are absorbed slower. This is a good thing, because your blood sugar will not rise that fast and you will not get sugar peeks (and downs). The combination of all these products are perfect during the whole year, but also extra effective during the winter. Especially when I feel I might get a little sick I try to eat healthy, balanced and take my extra supplements.

Do you feel some differences in your body during the year? Let me know!



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