Summer comes, time to sit outside!

18 april 2018

Summer comes, time to sit outside!

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It took some time, but the sun is finally popping up a little more here in Skien (Norway). The snow has almost completely melted and now it is starting to go up to twenty degrees! Yay! Time to sit more outside instead of inside in my apartment.

This season I have moved to another, apartment and now I have a garden and a lot of space to sit outside. Also the owners who have the bigger part of the house (I live in a small part of a big house) have a super nice porch where I can sit when they are away. Actually I am sitting there now too, typing this.

The porch is perfect. It has sun almost the whole day and usually you don’t feel that much wind here either. I think it is around 16 square meter. Also a great spot to have some nice outside furniture. Currently there is just a table and two simple chairs, but I think there is so much more to do with it. I would like to actually have a super nice set with a bench, nice table and some chairs maybe.

Because I am working a lot on my laptop and also in summer work a lot outside I’d like to have a super comfy chair with a stable, high table to work on. Of course also some decoration is always a good idea. I really cannot wait until I find my own place with a super big garden and porch which I can buy. Then I can finally start to decorate myself and get some super pretty and practical garden furniture or in Norwegian ‘Hagemøbler’!! I have already found some nice ones at for some good prices! Now I only need to buy a place with a garden together with Dave. Hope that will happen someday in the future. Probably after I am done playing handball..

How about you? Do you like to sit outside and bother to have some good and nice garden furniture? Or do you not really care, as long as you have a chair to sit on?

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