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Short break, so going home!

30 November 2017

Short break, so going home!

A week home

Last week I was home for some time after not being there for three months. From the moment I booked my flight tickets I looked forward to coming home! Because everything went so quick and I left without saying goodbye to many people, it was time to see everyone again!


 Not the expected start

On Sunday after the last match before the winter stop (among other things because of the World Championship handball) I left with some teammates to Oslo. Unfortunately we lost this match unnecissarily so at that moment I didn’t look forward to go back to The Netherlands. Especially when I didn’t play at my best I want to get back on that field as soon as possible to work my ass off for the next match. Luckily I got over that quite soon and I had a fun night in Oslo. On monday early in the morning, I flew back to The Netherlands together with Annick, yay! After a short delay (I left my laptop at the customs, oops) I went home.


Like I did not leave at all

It’s a little bit weird to see everything at home is still the same! Only my dog has been sick so he was so skinny.. But he is much better now so we did a lot of cuddling! Besides that it was great to be home and I filled my week with seeing everyone. I also missed Amsterdam!! After an extremely busy week it was time to go back to Norway. It’s a pity that the week passed by so quick, but on the other hand it feels good to go back to some rhythm of handball and sports. After all that’s what I chose some months ago. Besides that, I will already go back in three weeks for christmas! Currently there is a lot of snow here so I will enjoy myself the coming weeks!

Oh and my socks are from Happy Socks and you can order them here!


Ha det! (bye!)




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