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Four reasons to try out diving

13 april 2018

Diving, what? Scary!

That is what I thought when I walked on a beach in Curacao and wanted to make Dave happy with a try-out dive. But it turned out to be amazing!


A citytrip to Valencia

11 april 2018

At the end of March it was time for a short break. We got 10 days off from the club so me and Dave took advantage of that and scheduled a citytrip to Valencia. Why Valencia? It was warm, relatively cheap and we both didn’t know the city yet.

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Een detox dag met Jooz

2 april 2018

Je hebt vast wel eens van detoxen of van een ‘detox-kuur’ gehoord, het is immers ontzettend populair momenteel. Samen met mijn vriend probeer ik het een dagje uit en deel ik hiervan onze ervaringen. Heb jij wel eens een detox gedaan?


Recipe carrot pancakes

14 maart 2018

Many of the products I use to bak with, I get from BulkPowders. With the code HENDRIKSE25 you will get 25% off your whole order.

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Bulkpowders WMN assortment for women

13 maart 2018

With my last order at BulkPowders, I finally added some products of the new WMN range. Ever since these products came, I was so excited. The assortment exists of five different products, all specifically made for the needs of the woman and all vegetarian.


5 facts about me

23 februari 2018

My live seems to exist out of sports (handball) drinking coffee and fly bsck and forth between The Netherlands and Norway. I guess there are a lot of things that you don’t know about me and I think it is fun to give 5 facts about me. Did you know them?


How does a week of training looks like?

6 februari 2018

After moving to another country not only they way I live changed, but ofcourse also the way I train. After all that is the reason I moved myself to Norway to put a lot of effort in my sport and to do more training!

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My favorite BulkPowders Products

22 januari 2018

As you might already know I work together with BulkPowders for a year now. And with a lot of pleasute because I sincerely love the products. This is my top 5 of favorite BulkPowders products!


Discovering Bergans of Norway

13 januari 2018

Bergans of NORWAY, that sounds great right? After all I moved there a few months ago so the name immediately got my attention and I looked into the website. I guess that the Norwegians might have at least one item from Bergans in their closet.


Looking back at 2017

31 december 2017

Wow, another year went by so fast. Until now a year full of hightlights and I will share a few with you guys! While I am writing this I realise how much has changed for me in one signle year. Below you will find …