Oat Quark Pancakes

13 April 2020

Oat Quark Pancakes

For a long time I’ve been making banana pancakes, but I hated it that I couldn’t make them fluffy. Then I found out about oat quark pancakes and I finally got my pancakes thick and fluffy! Sharing my favorite recipe that I could actually eat every day. However, they’re best in summer. With some strawberries and syrup of course!

Oat flour is really easy to make yourself, did you know? You just use some normal oats or oat flakes, crush them in your kitchen machine and you’re done! Of course you can also use whole oats in this recipe instead of flour, but I like my pancakes smooth. Another thing that makes my bakings super tasty are the Prozis Yummy Drops! They are available in so many different flavors and are super strong in taste. I also use them in my yoghurt or oats, but you can use them in basically anything. Now let’s get started and make pancakes!


60g oat flour (or flakes)

2 eggs

150g of low fat quark (I always look for thick options which are also high in protein)

1tsp Prozis Yummy Drops Vanilla (or different flavor drops)

1tsp of baking powder

Coconut oil to bake your pancakes in

Pinch of salt


Agave syrup


Dark chocolat chunks or flakes

Coconut grater


Time needed: 20 minutes.

  1. Mix the eggs in a bowl until they’re a bit fluffy and bubbles start to form

  2. Add the quark and mix well

  3. Add the oat flour or flakes, the flavor drops, baking powder and salt and mix everything together until you have a nice, thick batter

  4. Heat up some coconut oil in a (pancake) pan on medium warmth

  5. With a table spoon, make small pancakes until you have around 8 pancakes in total

  6. Add toppings and enjoy!

These pancakes will stay good in the fridge for a few days. Just shortly warm them up the day after in the microwave or a frying pan and you can enjoy the oat quark pancakes again!

Would love to see your creations, don’t forget to share them with me on Instagram!



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