Netflix tips 2.0

3 April 2020

Netflix tips 2.0

Hooray! When you have read my last Netflix Tips 1.0 and were looking for some new inspiration this article might come in super handy. This time I have seen some of the items on my wish list and I will share some new movie and series tips. Ready to binge watch? Or just looking for a movie for tonight? Keep reading!

Movie Tips

I’m not really made for a movie night, but me and Dave love to start watching a movie during dinner and desert! Btw my home made healthy chocolate banana bread fits perfectly as a nice snack. I’m actually eating a piece of it now while writing this article. Try it out! Ok, here comes the movies:

A Fall From Grace (2020)

Starting this list with one of my favorite movies that has been on my last list of ‘to-watch movies’. This one was so so exciting and me and Dave both loved it. We were really into it and I can recommend watching this movie as soon as possible if you haven’t done it yet!

The Birth Of A Nation (2016)

A very sad topic, but I’m super interested in movies about slavery. The whole ambiance of the movie is nicely done. Based on a true story, this movie follows a literate slave who gets in touch with the Bible on a young age. He becomes a preacher and finally starts a riot to free slaves and take revenge on their white ‘owners’. Sad, but good story.

El Hoyo (2019)

This. Movie. Is. Crazy. Wow, it must have been a pretty cheap movie as most of the scenes are between four stone walls. We didn’t realize it was a horror movie until we saw that at the end. Would consider it to be more a thriller with some bloody scenes. A guy ends up in a vertical prison where there is a daily fight for food. Every month you will be at another level and so, have more or less (or even no) food. We’ve been stuck to the television for 1,5h and it was very much worth it…

The Highwaymen (2019)

The story about Bonnie and Clyde. Told from the perspective of the two detectives and former Texas Rangers who tracked them down and ended their career as a notorious criminal couple. This movie shows the pursuit of Bonnie and Clyde while the two Texas Rangers run into a couple of difficulties such as other organizations who try to catch the criminal couple first. Again based on a true story. It is not the most exciting movie, but still super worth watching!

Serie tips

Yay, series! Time enough now to binge watch a whole season in just one day? But what series to choose.. Read on!

Peaky Blinders (2019)

To be honest, I haven’t finished the latest season (5) yet. And I thought it was more exciting in the start. However, I will definitely finish it because it’s good enough to keep watching. You should definitely see this series about a family of gangsters in Birmingham in the 1890s (love that period). The costumes and scenes are very nice and you get the whole gangster feeling from that period.

How to get away with murder (2020)

Seen the first four seasons and, however it was a little bit unbelievable sometimes, it is so exciting. The fifth season is out since the start of this year in The Netherlands, but unfortunately not here in Germany yet… So you’ll know the first thing I’ll do when I get back to Holland. Yep, binge watch this series. It follows an law teacher and her students who (accidentally) end up in a murder and try to cover their tracks.

Zoo (2017)

Ok, this series are crazy. When animals start to behave violent all over the world and mutate into dangerous killer machines, a group of people find their way together and try to find a cure for the behavior of the animals. It has ‘only’ three seasons and I’ve been done pretty quick with this one.

Vis a Vis (2019)

Four seasons of craziness. The main character ends up in jail while she has actually been framed by her ex ‘boyfriend’ and former boss. Being a kind and innocent girls makes her very fragile in jail and she undergoes a complete transformation of personality. She does everything to survive in jail and even enjoys it at some point. I loved it.

What’s on my list?

So as always there is still a lot on my list, among others:

  • Movie: Life Of The Party (2018)
  • Movie: All The Bright Places (2020)
  • Movie: Mudbound (2017)
  • Serie: Brot (2020)
  • Serie: Toy Boy (2019)
  • Serie: Inside Bill’s Brain (2019

Hope I could have given you a help again with choosing your new movie or series. Let me know if you have any recommendations!



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