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My Genetic Tests

23 March 2020

My Genetic Tests

I have always been very curious about genetic tests and what people could know after having the results. When I recently got the opportunity to do this with High Performance Brain, I was super excited! Here I will explain what it is and how it works.

What is a genetic test and which did I do?

A genetic test can be performed to get some detailed insight about your body. At High Performance Brain they analyze your DNA so they can give you insight and also advise on different aspects concerning, among others, nutrition, health and athletic performance. The two tests I have done are:

I was very excited to do both of them and will try to explain a little bit about them.

The Nutrigenetic Test

With this test your DNA will be analyzed to get insight in nutrition and weight control of your body. Knowing more about this might be very useful for a personalized nutritional plan. You will learn what your genes say about your body, food and behavior. For example, you can find out about your BMI, control of appetite and nutritional needs such as proteins and vitamins.

The Athletic Performance Test

With this test you will get a better insight in your athletic performances and maximum capacity. Knowing more about this might help you train more effective and get more of your potential out. You will learn what your genes say about, among other aspects, power, resistance endurance, injuries and recovery. For example you can find out if you have an increased predisposition for certain injuries.

How does a genetic test work?

It’s so easy! When you are interested you can contact High Performance Brain and discuss what you want. You will receive a DNA-box and some documents which you will have to sign. The DNA is super easy to collect with a swab through your mouth. After this, you will send the sample to the laboratory and you will get the results in a few weeks. Then you can discuss the results with the experts and learn all about your genetics!

My Genetic Tests

Soon I will receive the results of my tests and share them with you. I am extremely looking to learn from them and use them in my life and career.



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