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Moving to Norway; first week

27 augustus 2017

Moving to Norway; first week


Well hello! This was quite a busy week that went by really fast. Because I know a lot of people like to read about my life switch and me moving to Norway so I decided to tell you how my first things went!

Bye Amsterdam

Many of you might know that I have been playing handball for lots of years for VOC Amsterdam (NED) on the highest level. In the past years I won all available prices with my team: the Cup, the National Championship and the Supercup. Because I was ready for a new adventure, I looked for another option for this season. I got the opportunity to move to Norway and play professional handball at Gjerpen Håndball. After a few days of training with the team I would hear more from the club. On a Sunday I’ve heard that they wanted me to come as soon as possible so I got a plane ticket for the next Wednesday, wow! I had to do so many things in just a few days. I packed my stuff, said goodbye to my parents, boyfriend, other friends and former teammates and I left at Wednesday evening. EXCITING! Unfortunately I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to a lot of my family members because they were on holiday… Well, goodbye Amsterdam!

Arrived in Norway, day 1

Because everything went by so quick, there was no apartment ready for me yet. I’ve had a few nights at a good hotel and another few nights at Annick, who’s also from The Netherlands and left het former club (Vipers Kristiansand) for Gjerpen. The first day, Thursday, there was a handball training in the morning and an internal game in the evening. In between we had a cooking game in which everyone has to make a cake. I went to bed early. Survived my first day!

Day 2, something else

The Friday started with a handball training in the morning. After this we’ve had a triathlon; 200M of swimming in ICECOLD water, 4,5KM of cycling (and no Norway is not as flat as Holland0) and 4,5KM of running. After the cycling I felt dead, but I still had to do the running… KILLING ME SOFTLY! Luckily my teammate was so motivated so our group turned out to be first! YAY! After a short shower we went to the strength training, followed by a trip to the cinema! I’d actually would not recommend the movie ‘Baby Driver’ :).

Day 3 and 4, the first real match

Time for weekend! We got the morning off because of the tough day on Friday. In the evening we had my first real practice match. Against Vipers Kristiansand. The match was tough because Vipers has a great team! We lost with six point, but especially the first half was very good from our side. After the game I was extremely tired, but we had a team party to go to! Quick shower, getting dressed and let’s party! That Sunday I was also very tired so I used the day to take a lot of rest.

New week!

And then it’s already Monday! The first days we’re over and it was time for two practices this day. The first one was at 06.15 (YES, REALLY!) footwork and the second one was handball training in the evening. We’ve also made some new pictures for this season! On Tuesday we’d had a match against Stabæk which we won with one point after a bad first half and on Wednesday we’d only had some strength training. I also got my brand new Ford Fiesta that morning from Solbergbil, I love the car! Because my shoulder is hurting a bit, I’ve had a quick visit to the physical therapist. On Thursday I got my new apartment so I am ready to finally settle in Norway! Can’t wait to see something from the surroundings, Norway is beautiful!

Have you ever been to Norway?




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