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Moving To Germany

7 February 2020

Moving To Germany

After spending almost six months already in Germany, it might be time to give you guys a little update about my change from Norway to Germany. Moving to Germany was not something I expected when I left The Netherlands haha. But now it happened.

Why Germany?

A funny sidenote is, that when I left The Netherlands a few years ago I sweared I wouldn’t want to go to Germany. I didn’t really like the language, the country or the fact that there were already so many Dutchies playing in the league. However when I played two years in Norway I realized it would be nice to get a little bit closer to home and didn’t have to take an airplane every single time.

This way I ended up in Neckarsulm, a small town in the south-west of Germany and signed my first contract in Germany. It’s only 5-6 hours of driving home, depending on the traffic. This makes it also as lot easier for friends, family and my boyfriend to come and visit me! Besides that, there is much more to do than in Norway. Big cities are not far away and there is always something to do!

First Impressions

So the first impression I had of Germany was bratwurst (sausage) and beer… This is kind of typical I think for the German culture and the first thing people would think of. However the area I live in also have beautiful wine fields, old and small towns, big cities and pretty castles in the surroundings. Of course the nature cannot be compared with Norway with its rough and pretty mountains and lots of snow, but if you search well enough you’ll find beautiful spots in Germany. Also Germany is a much cheaper country than Norway, so I go out for dinner a LOT haha!

What About Handball?

Handball wise it is of course also a big (and most important) change. There are more matches in the competition and that is nice! We get to play a lot, especially after the winter break. More of my team mates are professional players and do not have to go to any other work or study. This makes it easier to have a 100% focus on handball with the team. Whereas I had a bit more strength training in Norway, I now have more handball training. And another big change is the audience with the matches. In Norway it could often be a little quiet from the sidelines. Here in Germany I have the idea that handball lives even more and we always have lots of supporters to cheer for us. It’s amazing to feel the support of them before, during and after the matches. They are important to us!

Handballplayer for Neckarsulm Nathalie Hendrikse by Steffen Hoffmann
Photo by Steffen Hoffmann

So, was it a good choice?

Absolutely! I love being here in Germany. Which I actually had never expected some years ago.. I love the area, the people and focusing on handball non stop. It is really nice that there is always something to do when we have time off and I cannot wait to explore the area a bit more. Keep updated what I do here on my Instagram!



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