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Let’s complain; I vote for a fitgirl fit

8 December 2017

Let’s complain; I vote for a fitgirl fit

A small problem…


If you do sports in any way, this problem may sound familiar.. You see some nice jeans or pants, take two sizes with you to try on and you come tot the following conclusion: the smallest size is not able to fit over your upper legs. It might be the pants so you try on the bigger size. As i fit is a miracle, the pants gets over your upper legs but you get tot he next problem; at your waist is so much space that someone else could easily join you in there.. Yeah, nice tob e sporty, but most pants are not made for you. You consider whether you quit sports or you’ll become main sponsor of McDonalds, but you decide to give up. Apparently these pants are not made for you. Like all other pants without stretch or sweatpants fabric.


Besides that, I have a few stretch jeans from the Bershka who do fit, but they have that ‘push-up’ part which they may skip that. But as I don’t have a lot of choise, I use them. It would seems to be really nice to wear some classy pants or boyfriend jeans without using my belt and the jeans not slipping down to my ankles. It used to be fashionable to wear your Björn Borg boxers above your jeans, but I feel a little less comfortable walking around in my panties all day. Apparently the clothing designers think that if you have even a little bit more ass than the regular skinny topmodel, you should only put that ass in sports tights or stretch jeans. I guess they might mainly be men. Using the slogan ‘show me what you got’.


Every single time I am at the dressing rooms, I ask myself if I am the only one having this problem. Is seriously every fashionable pants made for women without an ass? Nowadays the fitgirls rise everywhere and you only have to look at your instagram timeline once to see some muscly bodubuilding athletes so the demand fort he ‘fitgirl-fit’ should be bigger, right? Or am I still the only one with this problem? What I need is just a little more space on the legs and a little less space on the waist. It should not be hard, considering there are already so many different fits (regular, boyfriend, low waist, high waist, plus size, petite). So add the fitgirl-fit to this list! If anyone found this fit somewhere, please share it. Until then I should live with my push up jeans, my not-fitting boyfriend jeans, tights and oversized sweatpants. If you might see someone walking around with two bumps on her low back (yeah, these push-up jeans almost make you a camel) or a boyfriend jeans on her ankles with Calvin Klein panties above, please think of me!





(part-time camel) Nathalie


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