How does a week of training looks like?

6 February 2018

How does a week of training looks like?

Change in training

After moving to another country not only they way I live changed, but ofcourse also the way I train. After all that is the reason I moved myself to Norway to put a lot of effort in my sport! Our competition has a break since the end of november, but that is always a good reason to train very hard. Not always something I like, because I rather play matches. But it is a good opportunity to get ready for the rest of the season. For the curious people among you, I will share  a schedule of training for a week during a period without the competition matches (the beginning of december).


08.30-10.00 physical training. Physicial training is usually a mix between endurance (like intervals) and strength, mostly core. Especially during a period without games these might be quite intense, but it will alwayss make you feel good afterwards! Later on the day at 16.00 we had a practice match.



An ‘easy’ day in which we only had strength training with our trainer. We do this at the ProGym and these can also be really tough! I usually feel it the day after. A lot of exercises are also ‘new’ to me so I have to work hard on my technique for example on the cleans, but it is a lot of fun! 🙂



The day started with anouther physical training at 08.30 that was at least as heavy as the one on monday. In the evening we had a handball training on the programme from 18.00-19.30 so that one was relatively ‘short’.



Woohoo no morning training means sleeping until late! Well for me… I don’t work and I can imagine such a week must be even more tough for the girls who work or go to school next to handball. We only had a handball training from 18.00-19.30 this day so ‘easy’ again.



We did our strength programme ourdelves this day at 09.00. It also a little bit easier without the strength trainer, but not less heavy. You train for yourselve so if you don’t push yourselve the only one you fool is you. You don’t get better by that. During the day we had handball training from 15.00-17.30 so there was little rest in between. You mostly will feel this in your legs! Good part is that it was the evening off and I usually spend that time with my foreigner girls!



Yay just some strength training to finish the week with!



YAY, FREE TIME! We survived the week so it was time for something fun. With the foreigner girls we usually have a SUNDAY FUNDAY and we organize something fun. We go to the cinema, swimming pool, have a picknick, bake and cook, do games, have a citytrip to Oslo, etc. etc.


As you can see it are quite some practices and I am extremely happy that we started to begin with the competition again. We already took some points and the next match is against Sola on February 14th. As always this one will be live at




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