Hey, I’m back! And I will tell you why.

12 April 2019

Hey, I’m back! And I will tell you why.

What? Was I gone?

As you might (or not) have noticed, my website has been ‘under maintenance’ for some time now. It has been quite a long time since I was really active on my website. I haven’t been writing as much as I actually wanted. Time to explain you a bit what I have done and why…

Writing took too much time

First of all, I decided in the beginning that it would be a great idea to write on my website in both Dutch and English. This because most of my readers and followers are Dutch but I had many international readers as well. It went ok for a while and I wrote at least a few times in the month or even weekly. After a while I found out that it cost a lot of time to write everything in two languages and translate everything all the time.

When I write in either Dutch or English it goes fine and almost without effort. However, when I try to translate it, it takes more time because I try to send the same message with similar jokes and words as in the other language. This goes with a lot of googling of words and translations. It also takes a lot more time than just write it in one language. I ended up feeling that writing a new article would cost so much time and effort. Instead of writing in one language, I simply stopped writing at all.

I addition, I didn’t want to write something about January and then after a while about July again. I am pretty demanding and perfectionistic. So it also felt like it was stupid to start writing again when I missed part of the story. Especially when I wanted to talk about my handball career and my life in Norway again. Instead of writing a single story ‘out of the blue’ I wanted you guys to have a red thread. This way you would be able to follow everything from beginning to end. This too, resulted in me not writing at all.

What you can expect now

As I missed the writing a bit, I decided that I had to do something about it. To do this, I had to change a bit in the way I wrote on my website/blog. I asked on my Instagram about all of your opinions. My question was if you prefer me to write in Dutch or if it was ok to write in English only instead. Most of you have responded that it was fine to only write in English! So here I am, with a fresh website and mainly English articles.

From now on I will, with very little exceptions, write in English only! And hopefully this will give me the motivation to write more again and to write about the topics that I like and want to share with you. Therefore I am not launching my website again before I have some articles ready as a ‘buffer’. It will maybe be a little bit tough to write again from 0 to multiple articles a month (my goal is to write at least twice a week). But I am going to try that!

You can expect articles in four of my main topics: food, travel, sports and lifestyle! From recipes for healthy and unhealthy things to city tips and work outs you can follow yourself in or outside the gym. Of course if there is anything you’d like to read more about you can always comment, send and e-mail to or just send me a message on my Instagram!

I hope you guys enjoy reading the coming articles!



Nathalie Hendrikse in Valencia on a market with fruit.

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