Getting back on the field again

16 September 2017

Getting back on the field again

There I am again, from the (currently) sunny Norway! Luckily the sun shines here and unfortunately I can’t say that for The Netherlands currently! Well, I guess the sun may shine here and now, because from what I’ve heard, it could become very cold and freezing here in winter, brrrr…

If you have read my previous update, you might know that I was dealing with an ankle injury from two weeks ago snd that I missed my first two games because of that. But, things got better now! My recovery went quick and very well and last Friday I was finally on the field again to throw some balls! Yayyy! And me believe me if I say an injury takes way longer when your team is training every day or even twice a day.. Even this good news is followed by more: on Saturday evening my boyfriend had finally arrived in Norway after not seeing him for 4,5 weeks! He’ll stay for a few days. And we don’t have any handball this weekend so it is a great timing to do something together and see something of the area. If I run into some nice sports, I’ll share them here soon!

We will work hard here in Skien (yep, that’s the name of the city I live in) the upcoming week for two matches. Next Wednesday we will play against Tertnes at 18.00 and on Sunday we play against Sola. That will be my second flight for a match this season! I can’t wait to get on the field an play a match again. Oh and did you know you can see every match live on I say, go watch!

I’ll write again soon!





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