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Four reasons to try out diving

13 April 2018

Four reasons to try out diving

Diving, what? Scary!

That is what I thought when I walked on a beach in Curacao and wanted to make Dave happy with a try-out dive. He actually already took away the fear for swimming in the middle of a dark ocean with all kinds of scary sea creatures underneath me. It was pretty easy.. When I found out you can see everything underneath you with just a snorkeling set, it was not that scary at all. From that moment the deep, dark blue ocean changed into a beautiful world full of color and special creatures. But still, diving was another step. To dive into the same dark ocean at a depth of 20 meters and without being able to be above the surface in 3 seconds freaked me out. But it turned out to be amazing!!

After our first try-out dive on Curacao we directly decided to take another one. Two years later (last summer) we went to the Maldives (click for video) and got our PADI diving certificate. This summer we will go the Egypt just for one reason: DIVING! The Red Sea has to be beautiful. Underneath I will tell you why you can not miss out on this:

For reasons to dive

1. No more fear for the ocean

Afraid that something tickles your toes when you can’t see your feet in the sea? Believe me, when you are able to open your eyes and see what happens in the ocean underneath you, this will disappear. There is always that small ‘moment of paniek’ when you go down, but when you are completely surrounded by the water and you see the amazing things that are to be seen, you do not want to go back up. You will see how the fish react on you and they are more afraid for you then you are for them. When you experience how hard it is to come close and see what they are up to, you will know that they will definitely not want to hang out with people (or your feet).

2. Relaxation

Despite the fact that you always have to take care of yourself and your buddy, don’t forget to relax. During the time you spend under water, you will hear nearly anything but nature sounds. Talking is not an option, how peaceful is that! Let the nature take you with and focus on what you see. It is like a giant 4D movie.

3. Learn to use your breath

Because you will breath different then normal, you will learn how to use your breath better. The slower you breath, the longer you can use your tank with oxygen. You can never hold your breath. The pressure under water will make a big problem out of that. Besides that you can use your breath to elevate, to descend, to ‘float’ and to move. You will learn using your breath and controlling it, also when you are above the surface.

4. Diving is like treasure hunting

The most important reason. You will discover an amazing big world full of extraordinary places. I bet you want more, diving can be so addicting! How amazing to see a fish, octopus, shark, dolphin, manta, stingray or turtle swimming around in their own habitat. The feeling you get when you find something new or cool is indescribable. It is like treasure hunting. Only the treasure moves and you have to have some luck to find it!

Our plans

Like I said, we will go to Egypt this year and we’d like to dive with dolphins and napoleon fish among others. Also it would be pretty cool to see a dugong (Indian sea cow). I am so curious for the Egyptian underwater world. Who knows what we will see. I would advice you to try diving out. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. But we had no idea what we had missed before we dived!

Who has ever been diving (in Egypt)? And what are your plans or goals?




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