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Fibers and vitamins from FitLine – what I use

2 December 2018

Fibers and vitamins from FitLine – what I use

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It has been a year ago since I came in touch with FitLine products. Honestly I have been a little doubtful in the beginning but I was happy to experience it myself and I can say that I was wrong there. Below I will explain what I use and what the benefits of those products are!


First of all, and most important in my opinion, the basics. This is a mix of vibers and vitamins and make sure that you start the day well. For me it is important to have a good and nutricious breakfast as I might get a little drowsy otherwise. With the basics in combination with the Activize Oxyplus (see below) and a good breakfast, I start my day the right way!

Activize Oxyplus

The Activize is a mixture of different vitamins and minerals which make you alert, awake and able to be focused. I take this product in the mornings together with the basics and I often take them a little later on the day to prevent me from having a afternoon dip. They are also good to take before a practice to just become a little more focused and alert. Make sure you don’t drink them too quick as you might get red and feel tingles in your face and body.


The restorate is important to get your muscles the right nutrition to restore good and quick. You can also use it very well before going to bed. It also helps your metabolism and processing of your food. I use the restorate usually after practices to make sure my muscles will not be short on any necessary minerals and vitamins to have a good recovery.

Last but not least, Fitness Drink

Definitely one of my favorites. The fitness drink is perfect for before, during and after your practice and training. It is good for when I go to the gym or have handball practice and it makes sure you get no dips while having and intense practice. The magnesium in the fitness drink regulates the muscle functions. This way you can keep performing on the same level.

Have any of you ever tried the products? I wonder about your experiences! If you haven’t, take a look at FitLine!



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