Fancying photo frames

14 October 2018

Fancying photo frames

* in collaboration with BGA Fotobutikk*

As you guys might now by now, is that I am crazy about photography. Wherever I am, I usually bring my camera to take some nice shots of the surroundings or people around me. Besides that I have my own  jewelry webshop in Holland for which I take the product and fashion photos.

But what is the fun of having loads of photos on your phone and laptop and not sharing them. I never (or almost never) share my landscape photos on Instagram, even though I think they are so cool to take and to show off! So I want actually want to do something else with them. Why not put them in a frame and hang them in my room?

As I live in Norway I had to find a Norwegian (web)shop to realize this and now I found BGA Fotobutikk with a super wide arrange of photo frames in every possible size. I usually have trouble finding the frame I want in the right size, right color and right model, but they have so much at this webshop so that won’t be a problem anymore. Personally I love the golden, but simple frames and this fits my interior as well.

Whilst strolling on their webshop my attention got caught by the posters as well. They have a range of 1526 different poster, all ready to use and to put on the walls. Most of them are very simplistic and that is exactly what I like. Honestly I think I couldn’t choose between all of them if I had to. It is so much! Lucky for me I was just searching for some simple frames for my own photography. But I will for sure come back to BGA Fotobutikk if I was in need of some new wall art of posters.

If you are visiting their webshop, make sure you check out all the other items as well. They even have mirrors! Looking for a (birthday) present for someone? I am sure you can find something! Maybe a photo book or a poster? And what do you think about the photo below? Is it worth it to put that one in a frame?




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