Delicious tea variations to make your tea better

12 October 2017

Delicious tea variations to make your tea better

Crazy about tea variations

I love tea! Usually I drink it from a ‘normal’ teabag (out of laziness), but I secretly enjoy fresh tea much more with fresh ingredients! For example you can buy fresh tea spices and put them in a tea-egg to get delicious tea variations. But what I like even more is adding fresh products such as ginger, mint, pepper, lemon, orange, cinnamon and so on! Most of you would of course know fresh mint tea like me, but after a visit to Spa Zuiver a couple of months ago I got many new ideas. They use amazing tea variations that you can make at home easily. Below I will share a few of my favorites, but be creative and mix your own ingredients! You can do everything with tea!

Winter tea

This tea variation has an amazing warming winter taste. The cinnamon causes this and the ginger adds some spice. Want to soften the taste? Add a little bit of honey! For example by using these honeyspoons!

Ingredients (per litre):

– 1 stick of cinnamon

– 1 tbsp coriander seeds of star anise

– Ginger to taste

voorbeeld van recept thee variaties met munt gember en honing

Spice it up

I like spicy. How about you? Be sure to try this spicy tea with ginger, kurkuma and pepper! Most health freaks will know the kurkuma spices, but did you know it looks pretty similar to ginger? It’s also a root! Try to find fresh ginger or otherwise use the crumbled spices from the store. You can find them everywhere! Ofcourse you can adjust the measurements to your own taste!

Ingredients (per litre):

– Kurkuma 2 cm or 2 tsp

– Gember 2 cm

– Fresh pepper (bijvoorbeeld rood of rawit of andere soorten, probeer zelf uit) and to get more taste, crush it a bit

example of tea variations with ginger mint and honey

Fresh and sweet

This tea is also really good. Licorice makes me think about my childhood. To get the taste out, try to crush the twigs a bit.

Ingredients (per litre):

– Twigs of licorice to taste, minimum two

– Couple of twigs of mint

– Three slices lemon or orange, variate it!

example of tea variations with ginger mint and honey

I am curious to hear how you drink your tea! To make it somewhat sweeter you can always use honey, ahorn syrup or maple syrup! Do you have another recipe? Share!



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