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My Genetic Tests

23 March 2020

I have always been very curious about genetic tests and what people could know after having the results. When I recently got the opportunity to do this with High Performance Brain, I was super excited! Here I will explain what it is and how …


Een kluns zijn zonder blessures op te lopen

16 August 2018

Uit het niets tegen de muur aanlopen, je telefoon zomaar uit je handen laten vallen of struikelen over een kiezelsteen. Herkenbaar? Voor mij wel. Ik ben een dagelijkse kluns en dit zowel buiten het handbalveld als er op. Voor de meesten om mij heen …

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Four reasons to try out diving

13 April 2018

Diving, what? Scary!

That is what I thought when I walked on a beach in Curacao and wanted to make Dave happy with a try-out dive. But it turned out to be amazing!


How does a week of training looks like?

6 February 2018

After moving to another country not only they way I live changed, but ofcourse also the way I train. After all that is the reason I moved myself to Norway to put a lot of effort in my sport and to do more training!

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Let’s complain; I vote for a fitgirl fit

8 December 2017

A small problem…   If you do sports in any way, this problem may sound familiar.. You see some nice jeans or pants, take two sizes with you to try on and you come tot the following conclusion: the smallest size is not able …

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Short break, so going home!

30 November 2017

A week home Last week I was home for some time after not being there for three months. From the moment I booked my flight tickets I looked forward to coming home! Because everything went so quick and I left without saying goodbye to …