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Netflix tips 2.0

3 April 2020

Hooray! When you have read my last Netflix Tips 1.0 and were looking for some new inspiration this article might come in super handy. This time I have seen some of the items on my wish list and I will share some new movie …

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My Genetic Tests

23 March 2020

I have always been very curious about genetic tests and what people could know after having the results. When I recently got the opportunity to do this with High Performance Brain, I was super excited! Here I will explain what it is and how …


Netflix tips 1.0

17 March 2020

When you’re one of my Instagram followers you might know I love Netflix. I have a huge list of series and movies I have seen and an my ‘to watch’-list is even longer. The fact that I like so many different kind of movies …


Hey, I’m back! And I will tell you why.

12 April 2019

What? Was I gone? As you might (or not) have noticed, my website has been ‘under maintenance’ for some time now. It has been quite a long time since I was really active on my website. I haven’t been writing as much as I …

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5 Benefits of drinking water and tips to drink more

1 February 2019

In collaboration with PM-International You have probably heard before that drinking water can be beneficial for your health. However many do not know exactly what water can help with or have a hard time drinking (enough) water during the day. Are you one of …

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Fibers and vitamins from FitLine – what I use

2 December 2018

*In collaboration with PM-International* It has been a year ago since I came in touch with FitLine products. Honestly I have been a little doubtful in the beginning but I was happy to experience it myself and I can say that I was wrong …