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My favorite BulkPowders Products

22 januari 2018

As you might already know I work together with BulkPowders for a year now. And with a lot of pleasute because I sincerely love the products. This is my top 5 of favorite BulkPowders products!


Healthy snickers pie recipe, you will love this!

10 november 2017

Eat these healthy snickers without any guilt You might already know that I love candy and especially chocolate. If you don’t want to eat too much candy, try to make is easier to choose for something more healthy. You can for example use pure …

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3 reasons to eat cottage cheese

6 september 2017

Ik ben (al sinds een vrij lange tijd) MEGA fan van Hรผttenkรคse, oftewel Cottage Cheese. Ik eet dit bijna elke ochtend als ontbijt met alleen wat fruit, liefst bosbessen, en wat kaneel. Easy, toch? En nog gezond ook!