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Recipe: Leftover Chicken Buddha Bowl

17 juli 2019

Buddha Bowls! The perfect dish if you have a lot of leftovers. Add some chicken and lentils and you are good to go. Spice it up with Nando’s!


Recipe oreo double chocolate cheesecake

18 april 2019

If you all are just as much as a sweeth tooth as me, you probably like chocolate. And Oreo’s. And most definitely the combination of these two! Lucky you, because today I am sharing a recipe of an amazing no-bake Oreo double chocolate cheesecake …

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5 Benefits of drinking water and tips to drink more

1 februari 2019

In collaboration with PM-International You have probably heard before that drinking water can be beneficial for your health. However many do not know exactly what water can help with or have a hard time drinking (enough) water during the day. Are you one of …

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Fibers and vitamins from FitLine – what I use

2 december 2018

*In collaboration with PM-International* It has been a year ago since I came in touch with FitLine products. Honestly I have been a little doubtful in the beginning but I was happy to experience it myself and I can say that I was wrong …


Recept Tiramisu met Disaronno

25 november 2018

*in samenwerking met Disaronno* Ik ben gek op december en de feestdagen. Niet alleen vanwege de gezellige lichtjes overal, de cadeaus en de sfeer, maar ook vanwege het eten. Het is een maand waarin je vaak veel etentjes hebt gepland staan en waar je dus …

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Een detox dag met Jooz

2 april 2018

Je hebt vast wel eens van detoxen of van een ‘detox-kuur’ gehoord, het is immers ontzettend populair momenteel. Samen met mijn vriend probeer ik het een dagje uit en deel ik hiervan onze ervaringen. Heb jij wel eens een detox gedaan?


Recipe carrot pancakes

14 maart 2018

When I put out the carrot pancakes on my instagram, I got so many requests for the recipe, so here it comes! I made some small changes to the original recipe.