A citytrip to Valencia

11 April 2018

A citytrip to Valencia

Citytrip to Valencia

At the end of March it was time for a short break. We got 10 days off from the club so me and Dave took advantage of that and scheduled a citytrip to Valencia. Why Valencia? It was warm, relatively cheap and we both didn’t know the city yet. We booked with Tui for three nights at the Primus Hotel.

The hotel

The hotel was great! A perfect location close to Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and exactly in the middle of the city center and the beach. It is at the other side of indoor shopping mall and a El Corte Inglès. The hotel has a Spa which is not that great, but still nice to visit once. You can rent bikes at the hotel and we did that every day.

What to do?

Tip 1: rent bikes

Rent bikes! You will not regret this. It is amazing to go cycling through Valencia and the big park in which Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències lays. The park is in the middle of the city and you can come at a lot of places through the park so you won’t have to cycle through the city a lot. If you rent bikes, make sure you visit the beach and the Beachclub too.

Tip 2: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

You cannot go to Valencia without visiting one of the most photographed buildings. This ‘city of art and science’ has six futurist buildings with each an own function. We (unfortunately) only had time to visit l’Oceanografic. This is the biggest aquarium of Europe and especially if you like that, it is very impressive. L’Umbracle should be very cool too, but we found out too late and had no time to visit. This building will definitely be on our to do list next time.

Tip 3: Plaza de la Virgen

This square lays behind the cathedral of Valencia in the middle of the centre. From this place you can easily visit the cathedral or the basilica. This is also a great place to take some rest in the sun from all the walking. Don’t forget to order a cold drink and some tapas.

Tip 4: Mercado central

Looking for an original gift for home? Or just looking for some fresh fruit? Visit the mercado central and don’t only do that to buy some of the delicious things they have. Look around and enjoy this marketbuilding. It is unique and definitely worth a visit.


Tip 5: Murales

In the district El Carmen you can walk from Plaza de la Virgen to Mercado central. Look around when you are on your way, because this area has some amazing murals. Wander around and you will find lots of them!

Tip 6: Eat pie at Dulche de Leche

I got this tip from someone and after some research I knew we had to go here! If you walk into the store you have so much choice you can probably not decide what to take. We chose to share a delicious salmon bagel and both take another pie. Mmmmm.

Stupid me…

Ha and like always I have been so extemely clumsy and stupid.. This started with me losing my locker wristband when we went to the Spa. We were looking everywehere and it turned out I just left it in the lockerroom. Thereafter, on the day of travelling back home, I closed the suitcase and guess what? The key of my suitcase was INSIDE my wallet and my wallet was INSIDE my suitcase.. oh oh oh. Luckily we had everything what we needed (except for the sunburn so my face turned completely red) to come home.

It was time to go home at night and we decided to take some quick food at McDonalds. When we got back at the hotel I realised I left my backpack with the camera, the passports, my laptop and everything important inside at the McDonalds.. I did not know I could run that quick and luckily my backpack was still there, waiting for me. So much luck! And we finished the holiday great. Valencia is definitely worth another visit!!


Have you ever been in Valencia and do you have any other tips?




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