5 facts about me

23 February 2018

5 facts about me

My live seems to exist out of sports (handball) drinking coffee and fly bsck and forth between The Netherlands and Norway. I guess there are a lot of things that you don’t know about me and I think it is fun to give 5 facts about me. Did you know them?


1. I graduated for my Bachelor Criminology

  1. Yeah, in december 2016 I finally graduated for my Criminology after 3,5 years. I got delayed for half a year because of handball and finals but after that, I finally got my diplome. Because I was quite interested in the police, I did an internship in my own time at the Investigation and Communication Office in Amsterdam and I functioned as a BEMIDDELAAR between the investigators and the press. I currently don’t do anything with my degree, but I would love to go for a Master degree one day. Probably when my focus is not on handball anymore.

2. I am creative and I love to draw

  1. Ever since I was young I loved to draw. Maybe because both my grandma and grandpa were drawing and painting and my mum liked to draw as well. During my first years on College my books and notebooks were full with drawings of for example Ed Hardy (that was really popular back then) and portraits! Luckily I had the course Drawing/Art History and I could put my creativity in there. It was quite easy for me as I usually had eights or nines. I really miss it and I regret it that I don’t have that much time for it, but who knows… Maybe I just need to make that time.

3. I am the biggest clumse you will ever see and I am always unlucky

  1. I have no idea why or how it comes and no matter how hard I try, I don’t think it will ever change… I always spilled my drinks and food when I was younger and I ripped my anklets the first time with jumping on a trampoline. Nothing changed. I am that person who skips a step on the stairs in the train and then falls completely stretched on the hallway of the train or the one who accidentally shouts something mean about someone when that person is standing next to me. At my old club they always said I fell over the lines of the field and at my new club I ripped my anklets by running on the edge of the pavement… Well, luckily there is always something to laugh about, whether it is with me or about me. I am used to it now! 🙂


4. I have kind of a big tattoo on my back

  1. Yep. I think it has been there for two years now. It is a big lotus flower with three Chinese signs underneath. The lotus symbolizes ‘life’ (blooming) and the Chinese signs say ‘hope, faith, love’. When I turned 16,  my parents got me a necklace with these symbols and ever since, I wanted to have a tattoo of them. Fun fact: I mostly designed and drawed it myself! It has been done by Byron, who can be seen at Ink Masters this season (Dutch programme)!

5. I have never broken something and have never been on surgery

  1. Woohoo, let’s have a moment for this. Despite the fact that I am that huge clumse, I have never had something serious. I think my body is quite strongly built after all. My musles and GEWRICHTEN get a lot of hits during my sport, but I guess they are strong enough to protect me from serious injuries. Besides that I am never really sick. Maybe only a little fever but that’s it!

If you might be curious or have another question, just send me a comment! Recognize yourself in one of these things? Let me know!





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