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5 Benefits of drinking water and tips to drink more

1 February 2019

5 Benefits of drinking water and tips to drink more

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You have probably heard before that drinking water can be beneficial for your health. However many do not know exactly what water can help with or have a hard time drinking (enough) water during the day. Are you one of those? Read on for some water facts and tips.

Benefits of water

Your body exists mainly out of water. Therefore it might not sound so strange that you need it too. Drinking enough water (minimum of two liters) comes with different benefits, however is of course not some magical solution for anything. Water:

  1. Feeds your muscles. This one is important for me as I train every day and my muscles need enough water to keep up with my activities. While you work out, you lose a lot of water (you sweat) and therefore your muscles will get easily tired. You might have had muscle cramps while you have been working out. Drinking enough water can help prevent those cramps and hydrate your muscles. On match days I usually try to drink two liters (spread throughout the day) of water before the start of the warm up.
  2. Prevents you from drinking bad stuff. Yeah very simple. If you drink a lot of water you will be less thirsty and therefore be less triggered to grab something else to drink. You probably know that water is way better than all sugar-filled other beverages. Thirsty? Water is always the best choice.
  3. Might help you lose weight. Maybe less relevant for me as I usually tend to feel full very quick, but water can help you to feel more full. Drink a glass of water before your meal and you will be less likely to eat too much. Besides that, the above benefit is also important in losing weight. Do you drink lots of soda? It will probably already make a difference if you replace that for water. Normal Coca Cola contains 110 grams of sugar per liter. That is a LOT!
  4. Helps against being tired. One of the most common symptoms of being tired is dehydration. This means that some glasses of water can even do more than that cup of coffee you use as a life saver.
  5. Is good for your skin. Water serves as a natural detox. Not only for your muscles but also for your skin and your whole body. Of course drinking a lot of water will not all of the sudden give you a shiny, perfect skin but it can help your body get rid of toxins. That may result in a healthier body and skin. You will have a smaller chance on pimples and blackheads.

There are actually more benefits of drinking water but naming them all will make this a very long article. The five benefits I named are the ones that I find important or interesting.

Do not drink too much

Before I go on I want to warn you for drinking too much water. It is possible to get poisoned by water if you drink too much water in a very small amount of time. Never think “I forgot to drink enough today so I will take those two liters at once now”. You should drink water throughout the day, not at once. It is not only useless, but can also be dangerous. Now I know that many people have trouble drinking enough (water) during the day. So here I will give some tips as well.

  1. Try to have a bottle with you all the time. This is what helped me when I went to school and also what helps me now when I am working. I usually put the bottle besides me and every time I look at it, I take a zip. Also never go to the gym or any kind of activity without a bottle. Especially when you train, you need to drink!
  2. Drink a glass before every meal. Every time you are preparing a meal or when you are going to eat, just drink a small glass of water before you start eating. Make food your reminder of drinking some water. Make it a habit.
  3. Add a little taste to it. If you are someone who just doesn’t like water because it is ‘boring’, then you can add something to your water to freshen it up. Add some lemon, lime, mint, cucumber or fruits in the summer for something fresh. Add some spiced as cinnamon, licorice, nutmeg, ginger, mint, lemon, orange or anything else to make a warm and spicy tea. Last but not least; you can also add some zero calorie lemonade syrup to your water. Just a bit is enough to get some more taste.
  4. Since I been taking FitLine products it has become a little easier for me. Besides the fact that these are vitamins, you mix them with an amount of water which you can take a few times a day. In the mornings I currently take the Power Cocktail with 0,4l water. Later on the day I sometimes take the restorate and/or activize with another 0,4l of water. This way I drank almost a liter of water without any problems. You can find the products here.

I hope I have convinced you of drinking some extra water and watch it more! Also hopefully you will be able to use the tips so you will not forget to drink water. Do you already drink enough? Or are you having trouble with water? Let me know!


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