3 reasons to eat cottage cheese

6 September 2017

3 reasons to eat cottage cheese

Since quite some time, I am a HUGE fan of Cottage Cheese. Almost every morning I eat this as breakfast with just some fruit, preferably blueberries, and some cinnamon. Easy, right? And healthy as well! Who doesn’t want that? I was extremely happy when I found out they sell Cottage Cheese in Norway as well! Underneath three reasons to start using Cottage Cheese!

  1. The nutritional values don’t lie. Per 100g of Cottage Cheese: 12,3 grams protein, 4,3 grams fat, 2,5 grams of carbs and just 98 calories! Ideal sporters food because of the high value of (slow) protein.
  2. It is relatively tasteless, so make food variations! You can actually do everything with Cottage Cheese; make pancakes or waffles, put in on bread or a cracker or do like me and eat it just with some fruit and cinnamon! Easy food makes me happy!
  3. Because it is so tasteless, it is nearly impossible to not like Cottage Cheese. Although it belongs to the family of cheese, it doesn’t taste like that at all and you can easily use Cottage Cheese without ‘tasting’ it in the end result of your meal. You also can get a lot of protein without the ‘unnatural’ tastes of protein powder and other food (supplements) which has added protein to a natural product!

Have you ever tasted Cottage Cheese and how do you eat it? Let me know, ’cause I am always eager for new recipes!




Foto: Cottage Cheese with apple and cinnamon

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